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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have questions? If yes, we have answers! Since CPM provides 360-Degree Marketing services, we have multiple different services that we provide to combat all your digital marketing needs.
Below are our FAQs grouped into different categories so you can easily have your questions answered, so you can make an informed decision about whatever service you have questions about.



CPM & Marketing FAQ's

In this highly competitive digital day and age, your digital presence is your number one marketing value! If events such as COVID have taught us anything, that is being able to engage prospective clients from the comfort of their devices is paramount. The costs associated with Digital Marketing might seem expensive, but at CPM our mandate is to increase your value and ROI (return on investment) on every dollar spent. With our aggressive ROI goals, we ask that the question can you afford not to spend the $$ on digital marketing. If you do not compete, then you will never capture the new clients you are looking to reach. We have multiple affordable options for you to customize your strategic marketing plan so you can achieve your marketing goals!

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for! However, at CPM while we are not the least expensive on the market, we know from our long-standing clientele that we offer real value for your marketing dollars. Our attention to detail, knowledge of trends, assessment of performance and our commitment to customer service excellence goes beyond the basics to ensuring that all aspects of your marketing areas are covered.

Yes, we do! We work with all kinds of business from start-ups to long-established professional practice to help them achieve their goals. So, no matter what the budget, we can help you determine the value of where your dollars should be spent.

No, at CPM we have created a recipe that has been adapted to all economic clients and marketing demographics. We have worked with clients globally to help them achieve their unique marketing goals. Our commitment to research and understanding of your specific goals as well as your unique market helps us ensure that we are focused on your success. In today’s digital age, the internet and online marketing is not going away. We suggest you use its full advantage.

At CPM, our goal is to ensure that every dollar you spend has a total return benefitting you and your team. When working with a client on an ongoing marketing campaign, we employ numerous advanced data collection techniques so that we can provide you with the metrics needed to maximize your return. Most clients experience multiple times the dollar spent in return. If our clients are not realizing marketing that more than pays for itself, we have experts on our team who can help assess where the potential gaps within your organization might be.

We are proud to stand behind our guarantee which covers increased online exposure, website traffic, increased phone calls, forms submissions, Google rankings based on our client’s adherence proven CPM process. Ask us for more details.

When structuring your businesses marketing strategy and putting all your eggs in one promotional basket, it is best practise to diversify your approach ensuring you are coming to your target audience from all angles. In today’s digital marketing, there are many options for you to choose from. As such, we suggest a diversified approach that covers many digital bases to reach as large a targeted audience as possible. The foundation of your marketing begins with a strong place for your clients to land in an expertly designed and fully functional website, that has SEO rich content that is college compliant to showcase your authentic message. This positions you in front of your target market. We then utilize all the tools in the CPM digital arsenal pointing those clients directly to you! From services such as Google Ads, Social Media, Social Media Advertising, Google My Business, Organic SEO Keyword Ranking as well as business coaching and consulting.

Yes, we will be happy to do a complimentary audit of your existing website and existing digital marketing. Understanding where you are currently will help us strategize where we can take you!

At CPM we believe that the ends (numbers & metrics) justify the means. That is why CPM is data driven as we love any metrics that we can generate and assess! We especially love it when our clients want to be educated on how to interpret their marketing information. However, our goal is not to overwhelm or satisfy our own egos (unlike other digital marketing agencies) with vanity reports! We use this reporting as a direct measure of how we are performing. That is why we have created a custom backend solution that allows our clients to view an unbiased up-to-date snapshot of their performance. This reporting allows you to accurately assess where your marketing dollars are spent and how that reflects in your customized dashboard – all available 24/7. Additionally, we support these online metrics with detailed emailed reports (either weekly or monthly) and continual client check-ins.

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