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Professional Photography & Videography

At CPM, we are always questioning why websites are showcasing the exact same generic stock photography which does not accurately reflect their unique business.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Offering Professional Photography Services

By using CPM’s custom professional photography services, we can create authentic stock images that are carefully curated to represent you and your brand. It is our experience that your audience wants to see YOU and connect directly with you and your team. By featuring your authentic images, your business better resonates with potential clients! A famous philosopher once said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Allow us to show your story!

What kinds of images do we start with?

  • Professional Headshots of you and your team
  • Professional Office Interior & Exterior
  • You and your team in action
  • Authentic custom stock photography
  • Magazine print quality photos
  • We optimize images for multiple formats
  • We can photograph everything! What do you need?
Photography & Videography | Creative Pixel Media | Dental Marketing & Website Design | Calgary & North America
Photography & Videography | Creative Pixel Media | Dental Marketing & Website Design | Calgary & North America

Lights, Camera, Action!

Offering Professional Videography Services

A properly placed video will attract and keep your audience’s attention. Using the latest video technologies, high resolution video production and drone technology, the sky is literally the limit for your next video production.
Whether it is a 4K corporate promotional video, educational video, service focused video or an HD creative campaign we have you covered. Our talented team of professional videographers alongside our professional voice-talent can create any style of production to match your businesses goals.
Our affordable video production is scalable to include Infographic Videos for Social Media or YouTube, that can be shared online or can be used in office. Allow our creative team to help you get your visual message across on multiple online platforms.

What kinds of images do we start with?

  • Logo stingers
  • Service specific videos
  • Website looping banner videos
  • Story telling
  • Graphic presentations
  • Social media video content
  • Commercial quality videos
  • Professional voiceover talent
  • Educational videos

How does CPM handle non-local Photography & Videography?

As our team of visual experts can easily identify quality, talented local, production experts. With our wide network of industry contacts, we can easily source the best talent at a cost-effective price to fit your visual goals.

We start your image content needs with a complimentary discovery call to determine the story you wish to tell. Once we have a storyboard as well as the production requirements nailed down, then it is as simple as scheduling a convenient time that works with your business hours to capture you and your team in action.

Professional Photography & Videography | Creative Pixel Media | Dental Marketing & Website Design | Calgary & North America

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

We can take any kind of photos imagery that you require. This includes headshots, interior, exterior of the office, team in action, custom stock photography, aerial photography, macro photography and much more.

We can take almost any video image that you require (do not currently own an underwater camera). This includes videos of team, interior, exteriors, team in action, drone/aerial videography, custom stock videography, video production, logo stingers, video banners and much more.

Typically, we allow unlimited free use of all our custom photography/videography for anything related to your business. However, we do not allow any 3rd party resale of our photography/videography unless expressed written permission/reimbursement is obtained from CPM.

Our CPM professional photographers/videographers will schedule a convenient time that works for your team. In the unlikely nature that we are able to capture the images, a vetted, qualified, and experienced 3rd party may be contracted to provide these services.

All of the latest techniques in photography and videography are employed by CPM from airbrushing to beauty box filtering, color correction, contouring, brand matching, extractions, compositing or any other required state-of-the-art processing and production that is required.

CPM will completely and thoroughly optimize your images and video to perform at the highest quality without any loss of website speed. This is all dependent on the users internet connection and devices.

CPM offers our photography and videography services, many times included in the package price of the selected service. Custom needs are quoted ad-hoc. We invite you to book a discovery call so we can determine your specific needs and quote you accordingly.

Dental videos on your website & in your office!

An informed patient is more likely to accept the treatment you recommend and to feel satisfied with the procedure. With this in mind we’ve created engaging and informative videos that not only answer your patient’s questions but also helps them understand why you have recommended a specific treatment. And for one low monthly fee you’ll get access to our complete video library both on your website and in your office.

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