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Logo & Branding Design

Create a brand that represents your authentic message.

We are a logo & branding marketing agency that knows how to create a powerful brand identity. Developing a good relationship with your target market is essential to crafting your unique footprint. If correctly done the mere color alone will be recognized by your clients. It is a science, and we are the creative force to help you develop your brand. Don’t have a brand yet? We can help you achieve all your goals using our CPM Custom Logo & Digital Graphic Design services.

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Reviews that speak for themselves

Don’t just take our word for it. CPM has received an amazing 5-star Google rating from our clients.

What is the difference between logo design and a branding package?

Simply put, logo design is the process of designing a logo. While branding is the process of building a reputation online and in your community.

Branding can be done through the use of many different tools. Some of the core elements that are used in an effective branding strategy are:

  • Defining your unique brand: including its purpose, values, and promise
  • Creating a brand positioning statement
  • Crafting a brand identity: This includes your name, content, visual identity (which includes the logo design)
  • Advertising and communications: This includes TV, Website, Digital Marketing, Mobile apps, Print Media and more
  • Sponsoring and partnership collaborations
  • Stationary, product and packaging design
  • In-office/clinic experience
  • Customer relationships
  • Creating an internal core environment

As you can see, logo design is merely only one of the tools used to design the visual identity. The combination of a well-designed logo and an effective branding strategy will help your business reach their target audience in an effective way.

Logo & Graphic Design | Creative Pixel Media | Dental Marketing & Website Design | Calgary & North America
Logo & Graphic Design | Creative Pixel Media | Dental Marketing & Website Design | Calgary & North America

The Ease of the CPM Approach to Branding & Logo Design

Branding and logo design does not have to be complicated. We have a strategic process to get your brand or logo to market quickly and effectively.

Using the power of both the visual and written content, we work with businesses to craft authentic branding. This way you can reach your business goals now and long into the future.

The CPM Branding process follows three simple steps.

  • A Complimentary Discovery Session

Working alongside you and your team, we help brainstorm a clear brand identity that gets into the core values of your business. We answer the questions of who you are, what you do and what you believe in and where you want to go. We discuss everything from ideal clients persona to your unique brand personality and specific messaging design.

  • Fine Tuning

Over multiple iterations of fine tuning, we discover the best in both written and visual branding. Our branding experts make sure we tell your story the right way during each step of the process.

  • Marketing Brand Guide

Your brand guide will contain everything from logos, icons, coloring, fonts, and visual imagery. It’s basically your brand blueprint that helps you stay true to your brand messaging everywhere at all times on all platforms.

The Power of Successful Brand Design for Your Business

At the core, branding helps you speak to your target audience in the most effective way possible. By brainstorming out a clear, consistent brand story, is crucial for your business wellbeing.

Good branding will set you apart from your competition. With a strong branding foundation, you’ll be recognisable, distinct, desirable and successful.

Branding is a long-term strategy that speaks to your customers’ needs. When a new client can connect emotionally with your brand, they will be motivated to choose your services and recommend you to their friends and family. A true brand connection doesn’t end there. Correctly marketing your brand will ensure you’re gaining lifelong clients/patients.

To further increase the power of your brand, releasing it into the world through marketing is how you get that message out.

Are you ready to shape the way people see your business? Let us show you how we can help.

Logo & Graphic Design | Creative Pixel Media | Dental Marketing & Website Design | Calgary & North America

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Straightforwardly – every business can stand to benefit from a strategic approach to branding. If you want to stand out from the competition whether you’re a dentist, a chiropractor or a physiotherapist or other online business, you’ve got to work on your branding game. It is not talking about cute taglines and whimsical logos. We’re talking about connecting with your customer in a powerful and persuasive way. Here is a summary of the benefits of compelling corporate branding:
  • You are more recognisable
  • Customers trust you & your brand more
  • You seem more legitimate
  • You attract more potential new customers
  • Buyers are more persuaded to purchase from you
  • You have a competitive edge on your competition
  • Your employees identify and feel proud to be part of your brand vision
  • You can attract great talent

Since branding is a delicate fine art. It takes skill, knowledge and experience to get it right. Custom branding services can offer you these three aforementioned points to make your brand powerful and persuasive. At CPM, we have worked closely with many businesses/practices/clinics of all shapes and sizes to craft their unique branding identity. This makes them stand head and shoulders above their competition. Not to blow our own horn, but we know have the experience to back it up. It is our passion to help our clients grow strong and to create a unique identify for themselves. So, whether you are just getting started or your current brand needs some love – we are here for you!

At CPM, our brand services are so much more than creating a logo and generating a few icons to use on your website. We take a practical approach to branding so you have a compelling and consistent brand identity to use across all your online and offline platforms. Our branding services include:
  • A complimentary discovery session where we get to know what makes you tick
  • Strategically building your brand personality and communicating your unique story
  • Creating a distinct visual identity including colours, shapes, textures and imagery
  • Logo design & icon design
  • Focusing on your authentic messaging for unique copy
  • Brand Packaging

The cost of branding services in North America depends on what you need and the scope of your business. The best way to get a clear, honest price is to contact us directly. Why not jump on a discovery phone call with us now?
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