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Social Media & Reputation Management

Do you want to get your unique message out to your audience?

Do you want to create a community to share information about you, your team and your brand with your clients?

Social Media, including Facebook & Instagram, have the potential to target your specific audience. By creating engaging posts, you become an online resource to educate your community. We know that it is more than just likes, hearts, bells, tweets, regrams and comments. Additionally, it is critical for your business to keep track of what your audience is saying about you online because this is your communal resume, CPM helps you manage client experiences. Let us get you positioned center stage.

Why Choose CPM to Manage Your Social Media?

At CPM, we know that two things are always in short supply: time and money. This often puts you in a position where you have to make some tough decisions. Ask yourself is it more important for you to create an excellent social media strategy or for you to spend time adding value to your business’s bottom line?

As your Social Media Manager and Reputation Manager, CPM can help you communicate your personal and authentic message as well as create brand awareness and introduce your service offerings. We handle things like creating post schedules, writing custom posts, creating custom graphics, optimizing your posts, creating social media advertising campaigns and much more.

­The more important social media is to your marketing strategy, the more important it is to have the CPM social media experts handling your online visibility presence!

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Reviews that speak for themselves

Don’t just take our word for it. CPM has received an amazing 5-star Google rating from our clients.

What is Reputation Management?

Did you know that your customers are reviewing you on over 30+ website review platforms online? Besides the obvious ones such as Google and Facebook, are you aware of the reputation of you and your staff online? Many times, Google indexes these review citations and includes them in your Google My Business links. So negative reviews on these platforms now become VERY visible and can easily tarnish what you thought was a perfect 5-star reputation.

Every month, our Reputation Management Experts scour the review sites related to your industry to ensure that the reputation of you and your team shines brightly! If for some reason, we encounter a negative review, the CPM public relations team will help you respond in a manner that can turn that negative into a positive.

Social Media & Reputation Management | Creative Pixel Media | Dental Marketing & Website Design | Calgary & North America
SEO SEM Visibility | Creative Pixel Media | Dental Marketing & Website Design | Calgary & North America

Why Choose CPM for Social Media Advertising?

Like everything we do as a digital marketing agency, our approach to Social Media Advertizing is Data-driven. As a Facebook Digital Marketing Agency, our advertising methodology is not only about quick wins or traffic. It’s strategic and continuously adapted by our Social Media team to deliver results.

Our Team of Specialists are experienced in paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

So, whether you want to increase your brand awareness or you want to promote a specific service or offering, our results speak for themselves. Check out some of our social media advertising case studies for clients across all industries.

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With over 140 million and growing businesses on this platform, and over 2 billion active monthly users, Facebook is the largest social media networking tool globally. Facebook’s has impressive targeting capabilities with a strong focus on branding and marketing strategy.

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With over 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram is the second largest social networking tool globally. Our experts can help you reach your ideal customers with a strong #hashtag marketing strategy.

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This is the most popular professional video engagement platform, YouTube has over 2 billion users. Our Google Ads experts can help you reach your ideal customers with a strong video campaign strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The most successful social media platforms have two defining traits to them. Consistency and relevancy of content. Your average day to day running your business takes you away from promoting your business. Let CPM be the engine behind your online Social Media presence with our consistent and engaging posts targeted towards your audience.

The short answer is yes. However, unlike Google Ads which has the target goal of reaching new patients immediately. Facebook advertising is focused on increasing your brand awareness to your online community. At CPM we feel a portion of your marketing budget should be targeted towards this brand awareness. Let CPM help you strategically strategize your next Facebook campaign.

While there is importance in getting your word out to your online community. The goal at CPM is to always focus on your ROI (Return on Investment) with High-Quality leads. Social Media Advertising reinforces your brand message, but it should not be the primary tool used to attract new patients.

Our experienced creative team creates consistent scheduled content with multiple posts per month. Our Social Media team works with your in-office champion to ensure that your authentic message is reaching your audience and accurately reflects your services and values.

Our Social Media team is happy to work alongside you to ensure that your custom posts are tailored with your brand and your marketing goals. You can either post yourself or you can send it to us to post on your behalf.

At CPM we feel that the best person to respond to any social media question is you. After all you know your business far better than we ever could.
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