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Call Tracking Service

Get More Clarity on Your Marketing Investment

Are you spending large $$ on marketing that doesn’t seem to be converting? We are confident that we can attract new clients to your “virtual” front-door but what’s next? Lost opportunities, unbooked treatment calls, missed calls and improperly trained staff can affect how effective your marketing strategies are.

CPM’s Call Tracking allows you to analyze phone conversations, increase training opportunities for staff growth and help you maintain optimal customer service.

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Reviews that speak for themselves

Don’t just take our word for it. CPM has received an amazing 5-star Google rating from our clients.

Benefits of CPM Call Tracking

Why would you consider call tracking service? If you haven’t, maybe it’s time to get on board.

By tracking your calls, you get a much stronger idea of which of your marketing campaigns are performing the best and which ones need a little more focus. By not tracking your calls, you’re missing out on a lot of important data metrics and therefore are not getting the full picture. Remember, although people are increasingly turning to the internet to find your products and services, most potential new customers will have to pick up a phone and make a call to your business. How do you know which campaign is performing the best?

Thanks to Creative Pixel Media’s robust AI call tracking software, the process of tracking your businesses phone calls couldn’t be easier. Through our online portal, you can listen and review transcripts of actual phone calls from clients to your business. The software is so sophisticated that it can identify keywords and people’s voices to effectively track sales conversions that may have been missed.

Using this software in conjunction with our virtual in-office management consultation speciality services, can help you and your team maximize your phone skills to convert phone calls into new clients!

Call Tracking | Creative Pixel Media | Dental Marketing & Website Design | Calgary & North America

Call Tracking Through CPM

By tracking your actual phone calls, CPM’s software has the ability to determine which source the call is coming from. We can determine whether it’s direct traffic, a Google organic search, PPC paid advertising or another referral source. By tracking this you have more focused data as to the success of your campaigns. Tracking the source of your phone calls is especially useful for Google Ads (AdWords) call tracking. This way you’ll be able to see just how effective your PPC (pay per click) Ads campaign is performing and we can make modifications as necessary. Not only can you see which source the calls are originating from, you’ll also be able to see which pages of your website the calls came from. This way you can see which parts of your website are generating the most leads and we can fine tune your content as necessary to improve performance.

Now more than ever, geo-location tracking becomes an integral part of our software. When reviewing your data, you’ll be provided with specific dates, times, durations and locations of where these phone calls originated from. We will be able to track the keywords which were originally used in the search prior to the call. This way we can proactively fine tune your SEO/SEM by making sure that the keywords are more relevant and are being used to their full advantage.

Optimal Conversion Techniques with CPM Call Tracking

By utilizing our Call Tracking, you may find that many leads aren’t resulting in sales conversions due to the sales techniques of certain staff members. Do you have more than one business or one location to keep track of? Not a problem. We can set up a number of businesses under one account to make for convenient monitoring.

At Creative Pixel Media, we are ahead of the game when it comes to all forms of digital marketing. We encourage you to consider call tracking for your business.

Call Tracking and Recording | Creative Pixel Media | Dental Marketing & Website Design | Calgary & North America
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