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At CPM, we value our client’s feedback and comments! Here is a selection of reviews from online sources that can be independently verified.

Ian Goodwin | Calgary Core Physiotherapy

- Ian Goodwin -

Martin at Creative Pixel Media has been unbelievably helpful at optimizing our website and social media content. We are grateful and fortunate to have Martin as part of our team.

- Dr. Michelle Carlson -

I would highly recommend Martin, he is very professional, super easy to deal with, delivers a fantastic website and is extremely knowledgable in SEO to help get your business rankings to the top of the google pages!! Thanks Martin , your awesome!!

- Dr. Seyed Arash Ravanbakhsh -

Martin made the website for my dental clinic. It is professionally done and I am very happy with it. He cares about his clients and is very quick to follow up with issues or concerns. Thanks for the good work !

- Dr. Ryan Macdonald -

I can't say enough about Creative Pixel Media; the level or service, professionalism and outstanding product is second to none. Having Martin and the team at Creative Pixel produce and manage our online presence we have seen significant growth in our business form online leads. I definitely recommend this company for all your web and online presence needs!

- Dr. Vishal Sharma -

Martin and his team not only built us a great website, but they have found us the targeted dental marketing clients we were looking for!

- Lisa Urichuk -

I have been working with Martin for about a year now, and have been extremely happy with the service we have received from his company. I have managed the marketing end of our business for a number of years and I must say he has been my favorite. He does his job professionally and in a timely manner. He has a in depth knowledge of our industry and the wed service we need. I look forward to a continued relationship with Martin.

- Dr. Kellen Smith -

Martin and the CPM team have reinvented our online presence and we couldn't be happier with the services they've provided over the last 10+ years.

- Dr. Archie Tang -

I have used Martin and Creative Pixel Media for over a year now. In my experience he has been professional, knowledgeable and attentive. I have nothing but great things to say. Definitely recommend.

- Pam Kats -

Martin and the team at Creative Pixel Media were great in designing and creating a new website for us. Martin is very helpful and I would highly recommend him.

- Leanne Fogarty -

Martin is fabulous. He really takes the time to ensure you are getting what you need. He explains everything incredibly clearly, which is great in an area that is Greek to many! We would highly recommend him to others.

- Jeffrey J. Hernandez -

Martin Dalziel is hands down the best website developer I have ever worked with, and I have worked with plenty of them since the early 1990s. He is very knowledgeable about what the consumer searches for and knows his SEO like the back of his hand. Martin keeps up with ever-changing technology and the rules of white-hat SEO and gets five stars from me mainly because he communicates with us, he does what he says he is going to do, and he gets results! I highly recommend him and Creative Pixel Media.

CPM Logo

- Corinne -

I am the Office Manger at Millennium Dental and I cannot say enough great things about Martin! He is knowledgeable and has been invaluable since we have started working with him!

- Dr. Jay Shephard -

Martin of Creative Pixel Media is fantastic. My business has gone thru the roof since Creative Pixel Media has taken over my website, seo, and social media needs. Martin is always available and in contact with me and always addresses the needs for my business. I highly recommend Martin of Creative Pixel Media- as far as i am concerned, they are the best!!!

- Dr. Elias Katsikas -

I've known Martin for approximately 7 years and has helped me quite a bit with his company (Creative Pixel Media) to promote my business. He is truly professional, knowledgable and efficient in all that he does. I would recommend Martin and his team to anyone looking for a first class website. Thank you Martin for being a part of my team for the last 7 years.

- Dr. David Sawka -

Our website was a big improvement to what we had in the past & Martin was always very efficient in dealing with any questions & very proactive with great suggestions for making the most of our website!

- Dr. Paul Hul -

Martin and his team have been terrific in making me a website and helping me understand what it is all about. He has great knowledge and really helps me grow my business. I am very happy I met Martin and look forward to his input for many more years. Great job Martin!

- Dr. Eli Markovich -

I have known Martin at Creative Pixel Media for many years. Over that time he has created and modified several websites for me, as well as ensured that existing and potential patients could easily find me online. His work ethic is outstanding, and he is a pleasure to work with. I look forward to his continued help with my advertising needs!



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