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Drug Detox Near Me

Drug Detox Near Me

Wolf Creek Recovery is the internet's top search result for drug detox near me, with several positive reviews and a 5-star rating on Google. Our medical detox treatment gets you started on the recovery process, prepares you physically and mentally for sobriety, and optimizes your chances of staying clean in the long run.

How Does Your Detox Program Work?

We are one of the best drug addiction treatment centers for medical detox treatment in Prescott. Some of the steps involved in our detox program include:

  • Evaluation - We conduct a comprehensive physical and mental health exam on each patient upon intake to learn about their addiction situation. Our clinicians create a customized detox blueprint and long-term substance abuse treatment program based on medical exam results.
  • Stabilization - The second stage is stabilization. We stabilize the patient with medical and psychological therapy to prevent any harm to the patient. Our doctors prescribe addiction treatment medications to avoid complications and reduce withdrawal symptoms.
  • Entry Into Treatment - In the final stage, our doctors familiarize patients with the treatment process and what to expect.

Our top drug rehab centers offer a blend of medical detox with inpatient treatment following the detoxification procedure to stabilize patients and help them remain sober in the long run.

Benefits Of Medical Detox

Medical detox refers to using specific medications and psychotherapies to cleanse your body of toxins and reset the addicted brain. Some of the procedure's benefits include:

  • It is the first step of a long-term recovery process. It detoxes the body, restabilizes the mind, and prepare you for a sober lifestyle moving forward.
  • It alleviates unpleasant and painful withdrawal symptoms and can make your recovery journey less intimidating.
  • Medical detoxification optimizes your chances of getting clean. It can prevent you from experiencing life-threatening health complications and make sobriety more attainable.

Our drug and alcohol use treatment begins with a customized detox program. We also offer around-the-clock medical care during medical detoxification and help our clients overcome the most stressful phase of their recovery using medications, counseling, and therapy.

Medications Used In Detox

Our rehab team uses different medications to treat withdrawal symptoms. Some of the drugs our physicians prescribe in medical detox include:

  • Benzodiazepines - We use benzos to reduce anxiety and irritability. Anxiety is a common withdrawal symptom in those recovering from Cocaine and Opiates. Benzos act as a sedative and help ease withdrawal symptoms. Since these drugs can be addictive, our physicians exercise extra caution when prescribing them.
  • Antidepressants - Without drugs, your body may struggle initially to produce natural amounts of happiness-inducing chemicals in the brain. Since your body has relied on drugs for so long to help you feel happy, you may experience depression when you refrain from using substances. Our clinicians use antidepressants to relieve depression and other psychiatric symptoms until your brain returns to its pre-addiction state.
  • Clonidine - Our doctors prescribe clonidine to treat alcohol and Opiate withdrawals. This one helps alleviate sweating, cramps, muscle aches, and anxiety and prevents tremors and seizures.

You can now end your neverending online search for the #1 drug detox near me. Wolf Creek Recovery is a leading Arizona detox facility with superior accommodations, personalized treatments, and medication-assisted therapies. Contact 833-732-8202 to verify your insurance and sign up for detox treatment with us.

Drug Detox Near Me
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Drug Detox Near Me
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